NICK and the CANDLESTICK (Sylvia Plath)

Is Sylvia Plath the proper poet to read about death? At age 30 she died by putting her head in her oven. What makes a “proper poet” to read when YOU are dying of a chronic dis-ease?

My meals are easy to prepare now. Breakfast is the BIG ONE with sausage, eggs, and toast with natural peanut butter. Two pieces of toast with peanut butter is for lunch. Dinner is usually a bowl of fruit. That’s it. I don’t get hungry to speak of. It’s more a social thing. Like drinking coffee.

Next month a lady from Seniors & Disabilities will stop by to talk to me about my life for the next 12 months. It looks like I am in the “final stretch” of this life’s race. From the depths of my heart, mind, soul I know I will not just be put on a shelf to watch the world poison or blow itself up while I do nothing. The changes the world has gone through in the last 76 years boggles my mind. Hope. Ja hoppas, alltid.

The link is Sylvia Plath reading NICK AND THE CANDLESTICK.

Scientists rise up against statistical significance

Valentin Amrhein, Sander Greenland, Blake McShane and more than 800 signatories call for an end to hyped claims and the dismissal of possibly crucial effects.

+How to Lie with Statistics was a book I had to read when I took Statistics for the second time, back in my undergraduate Accounting degree days. There are times when statistical significance, such as in the natural sciences, may be an appropriate way to present data to defend or refute a claim. But using statistics alone to “state your case” in non scientific matters reeks of scientism and should be avoided.

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Working Cooperatively Works | Disarmament | UUA International |

It seems time for some more good news. In opening up the homepage from the International Atomic Energy Agency website, the lead article read: “EU and IAEA Review Progress and Agree on Priorities in Nuclear Cooperation at Annual Meeting.” There it was: an actual story of agreement and…

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South Korea’s flashy fix for its ‘smartphone zombies’ – Reuters.TV

A city in South Korea has installed flickering lights and laser beams at a road crossing to warn “smartphone zombies” to look up and drivers to slow down, in the hope of preventing accidents. + In stores I have to say something to alert zombies of my presence, esp. when I am using an electric cart. Saying you alert in different languages can doubly alert your presence. Merci. Tack så mycket. Danke…

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