NEAR – DEATH EXPERIENCES Are they for real? 1

I have had experiences and I still have experiences that there seems to be no answers for. Along with all this I am also skeptical about things like Intuition (the “Oh, SHIT!” feeling), Near-Death Experiences, and other things that are relegated more to parlor games, than to academic study. Reincarnation, however, is something I, for want of a better choice of words, feel in my bones. I do not “believe” in reincarnation…I know I will be reborn. And I am exploring now what I might be doing in this “new” life. Russian, in this reincarnated life, will be a valuable language to know.

Prior to writing this post, I have watched lectures by faculty members of the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies and have read many of the studies published on the uva dops website. This research organization, originally funded by Chester Carlson who invented the Xerox machine, has been around for over 50 years and continues to add academic credibility to topics historically the ream of monks, mystics, shamans, and others mostly from non-western cultures.

The link is by Barbara Bartolome, who had a near-death experience triggered by a medical error. Following the phenomenological rule of TO THE THINGS THEMSELVES, Ms. Bartolome recounts her experiences with a minimum of religious embellishment.

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