DR. PENNY SARTORI: Near-Death Experiences

(I can’t wear watches, either. They keep falling off after one of the pins holding the band to the watch fails.)

There was a dream(?), hallucination(?), NDE(?) I had when I was in hospice. It started with me getting off a plane. Mother and dad were waiting for me. This place I was now in was Heaven, I figured. In this place there is nothing but the perfect Mercy, Forgiveness, and Love (MFL) of God.

But where was my brother? He died before I did. To be given the MFL of God is one thing. To be able to accept that MFL and incorporate it into your being is another. He was in Heaven, and he will be with us, soon.

In the next scene, Mom, Dad and I were reminiscing about life. Mom called me “Robert”. I replied that I changed my gender when I was alive and my name was now Roberta, or Bobbie. Mom gave me a look that told me she wasn’t surprised, and I could see pre-tear moistness in her eyes. Dad started to ask why I would do such a thing. He checked himself and knew, by my facial countenance and relaxed body posture the answer to that question. He then said that Mom and he had always loved us, even if they didn’t show it at times.

Tomorrow, we were going to visit Grandma and Grandpa Westerberg. I knew I would have to tell them about Grandpa’s daughter in Sweden. Heaven was the abode of God’s mercy, forgiveness, and love. But I was still afraid that this would hurt Grandma. Maybe they knew about it already(?). I would just have to trust in God about this. END


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