LIFE AFTER DEATH: Stories by those who almost died or before they died

I do not believe in a literal heaven or a literal hell. But there are things I find myself doing in preparation for my next life before this one is over with. Like a bird migrating from a cold climate to a warm climate, there are unseen forces that compel the bird to keep flying to its destination. (Perhaps the bird has some way of tapping into the earth’s magnetic field to enable it to stay on course.) What compels me to study like a college student and to have a blog where I publish my craziness?

Some may say that I am in denial about dying. To cope with death I have used my imagination to create a scenario where I will trade in my old body for a new body. If this reincarnation thing is just a fantasy that has no roots in reality, why has it been in my conscious, sane mind, without changing, for so long? After the cancer diagnosis, reincarnation became something to expect and to prepare for. And I hope that my new mother and dad will be decent, moral persons who love each other and who will show their love for me by enabling me to become the decent, moral person I am meant to be.

The linked video is long, but quite comprehensive. Take what may help you in dying and leave the rest. Each one of us dies a personal death. Some of us will be fortunate to have family and friends with us when we die. And while we are young in the next life, we may even have memories of a past life. The demands of our new life will eventually cause us to forget our previous life. And life goes on.

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