Jeff Olsen NDE

Things appear to be falling apart when they are coming together. And intuition is our inner guide in this transformation.

Having written this, what can I say that won’t be hurtful to someone who is in grief, but hopeful to someone whose shattered life is being put back together with the golden glue of love? Jeff Olsen tells a Scottish audience about an automobile accident that takes his wife and child. He almost dies from massive injuries, but returns to earth to continue being a father to his surviving son. His shattered life comes together with a new wife and adopted children, to boot.

Intuition is something that is with us all our lives. It cannot be seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelled or measured; therefore, it is not worthy of scientific study. Where it comes from, the brain or outside the body, is unknown. But it enables us to make choices in those times when we just “know” some thing is “right” for us. (An intuitive awareness that some thing is a bad investment is when it doesn’t pass the smell test.)

Near-death experiences can illumine those things that are truly important in our lives. But, for me, they don’t pass the smell test when they are used to sell products or services. My gut feeling or intuition tells me to keep reading, listening, watching, writing, and posting as long as I can. Then I will be rebirthed in Sweden. This cannot be proven; but I feel it in my bones.😇

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