T W I T T E R: A voice from the masses

The link speaks about Members of Parliament being harassed by fellow “Tweeters” and being advised to drop the “bird”. (Flip ’em the bird).

After a hiatus of almost two years I applied for a Twitter account. Their security robot suspended my account because I had been on Twitter before using a different email address. They asked for a phone number and I gave it to them. My phone number was “unsupported” because it was not a cell phone. I sent them an email explaining my situation and they said they would get back to me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I will be dead by then and involved with REAL REALITY, not Internet BS. (Using a certain app on my Ipad, I can search Twitter now and receive content. Of course,I can’t sign in or submit input because my account has been blocked by a robot. How many others out there can do this?)

Twitter has more members now than it had in 2016 when I went into Hospice, expecting to die. Is POTUS the leader of the “flock” now? My prior blog I shared on Twitter, thinking it would promote my LGBTI activism. This blog is for cancer and other disease survivors as well as family, friends and others on the journey Between Two Worlds.

Being BTW I can’t waste whatever time I have left farting around with Internet protocol. So I make do with what I have. Expecting to die I walked away from my password file cards and my other earthly possessions (No, I don’t miss them or want them back.). I kept the device I am using now to keep me occupied before the end.

The time I have left is Sacred time to be used by this servant before I finally and absolutely die.. My intuition tells me what my work schedule is. I have a place to sleep and food to eat. What else is really important*?

*I had a dream being in a WalMart with no desire to buy anything.


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