THE SUN DOES SHINE for Anthony Ray Hinton

Hatred runs both ways. And each and every one of us, whether perpetrator or victim, has to deal with the hatred in our hearts. Anthony Ray Hinton was falsely convicted of murder and spent 30 years in a 5X7 cell on death row in Alabama. While there he was a friend to other prisoners and even to the guards.

There are things given to us at birth and things that happen to us in life that are just plain unfair. Despite this, there is no room for righteous hatred in our lives. Racial hatred played a large part in Mr. Hinton’s conviction. And his mother died while he was incarcerated. There was a period of time when Mr. Hinton confronted and prevailed over his inner demons of anger and hatred.

No matter the circumstances that cause you to be where you find yourself, there will be others you encounter that are in need of recognition, compassion, and agape (God’s love). Prison, unfortunately, is a dumping ground for illiterate and mentally ill persons. While in stir Anthony Ray Hinton started a book club. James Baldwin’s Go Tell It On the Mountain was a good read there.

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Anthony Ray Hinton, The Sun Does Shine

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