One nice thing about reading a book BEFORE Hollywood gets ahold of it is that you get to experience what the writer wanted to say, before it gets edited for lengthiness, financial, and casting reasons. YouTube makes you pay to watch this classic, “red menace” film that was free to watch back in the pre-Internet days.

It is possible for alien life forms to survive the rigors of space travel (like our own Water Buffalo), float down to earth, contaminate life forms, and, like cancer, by hijacking our DNA on the cellular level, reproduce itself. The book, except for the DNA part, gets into this. Hollywood created a scary film of “standard” length to make money out of. The writer, bowing to the “practicality” of producer and screenwriter, ends up being misrepresented.

This audiobook is over six hours long. And I have written this post before the end. The movie ends abruptly with a truck accident giving credence to the doctor’s ravings. Read the book to find out how it ends. You decide if it is believable.

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