Any Left-Handed Hackers?

For a couple years after I got my IPad, I programmed it to tell me where I was at and to direct my actions in Swedish. Because my iPad ran in Swedish, my Internet provider was told I was uploading pornographic movies to Sweden. This happened about 16 times. My attorney told me to ignore those emails, because I was “judgement prof”.

In pre-Internet days, when I worked as an accountant/CPA, I worked my calculator with my right hand and wrote/took phone calls with my left hand. According to a Neuroscience News post that crossed my path a few weeks ago, there are “degrees” of right or left handedness that may affect treatment options for mental-health problems.

Now that Russian words will appear more and more in my emails/posts, what new computer watchdog group will be invading my privacy in search for “Nefarious Natasha”?

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