Donnie and the Snake

There is a story about a little boy and a snake that I recall from my drug and alcohol intern days. Every episode of “going back out” usually has some kind of trigger that preceded it. “Stinking thinking” and being in a store that sells beer, wine and/or liquor are two examples of triggers. Succumbing to suggestions that tout the joys of drinking and thinking that just one drink won’t hurt, can be disastrous. Helsinki, where POTUS will meet with a well-seasoned, Cold War intelligence officer, reminds me of the impressionable little boy who was conned by a poisonous snake.


Donnie was spending a week with Grandma, who warned him about playing down by the river. He had played there before and he never saw “rats as big as dogs” or any snakes at all. Grandma especially warned him about the snakes with rattles on their tails. They were poisonous and he could die if one of them bit him.

As the naughty boy he was, he had to go down to the river and see if there were any snakes. Sure enough, Donnie heard a rattling sound and a pretty rattlesnake slithered into view. Frightened, Donnie backed up, as the snake said:

“Don’t be afraid. I am lonely and I want to be your friend.”

“Grandma told me snakes were bad and if I got bit I would die!”

“Yes. I am a rattlesnake, but I want to be your friend. Your grandmother is old and can’t remember things too well. Mom and Dad have probably told you this.”

“Yeah. They want to place her in a group home, and…”. Donnie started crying.

“Now, now,” the snake consoled him. “When people get old their minds slip. Can you come closer? I could really use the shade you can give me.”

Donnie moves closer to the snake and it bites him.

“Hey! You bit me!”

“What did you expect, kid? I’m a snake!”

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