Kärlek över gränsen | SVT Play. Love Knows No Borders – (My Translation)

Time goes by and those of us who were involved in major world events get old and die. If it wasn’t for the evidence provided by sound recordings, printed matter, photography and film, our descendants could be brainwashed into believing the “fake news” crowd who rewrite history to suit their needs*.

*This is already happening with inroads into social media and a polarized press.

My deployment in the US Army took me to Paris in the early 1960s. The Iron Curtain had just been imposted on East Berliners, keeping them from freely traveling to the West. My security clearances limited my travel in Europe to NATO countries NOT including West Berlin. Those were dangerous times for the world, when shifts in the balance of power between the Soviet Union and NATO could trigger a thermonuclear war.

Kärlek över gränsen is a love story about a Swedish man and the lady he loves behind the iron Curtain. Having an International Pilots License allows him to rent an airplane, fly into Eastern Europe, land to pick up his love, and fly back to the West BEFORE border guards could catch them or shoot them down.

En obeveklig gräns delar 60-talets Europa. Hans Christian kommer från väst och Isolde från öst. Hur ska de göra för att få leva tillsammans? En film om kärlek och flykt i järnridåns skugga av Jonas Fohlin, Jan-Hugo Norman och Kjell Tunegård.
— Read on www.svtplay.se/video/13588385/karlek-over-gransen

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