This short video speaks to the human condition I also find myself caught up in. Does this make me some kind of “life coach”? Are there things I need to remember to do while I am dying? Every remaining day is truly a gift from God. Why did it take having a terminal illness to remind me of this? Since I cannot reclaim the past, all I can do is surrender myself, warts and all, to the Unspeakable when the time comes.

I had a dream where I was with a group of persons who had just died. We all had made mistakes and had done shameful things in our cradle-to-grave lives. Yet while I knelt in submission, I realized that the Divine Presence was focusing on what was good in my life. And it was from this good that my eternal life would continue.

This blog, as well as my language studies and preparing for rebirth after this life is over with, are things that occupy my time. Reading the Bible in Swedish, I read the NT first in case I died before reading it. I am also learning Russian, because I know in my bones I will be working with persons in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in my next life.


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