Are Americans a REACTIVE people? Do politicians get elected by spreading doom and gloom and then “close the sale” by declaring the need to vote for them? Mr. Trump stumping for the vote from terminally ill persons I thought was rather innovative, (until I became terminally ill myself). The popular vote AND the electoral college come into play when it comes to electing a US president. Russian cyber-involvement in the 2016 US presidential election and the exploitation of social media enabled the electoral college to sit a president who greatly fell short of obtaining the popular vote.

I remember seeing a Republican voter tell Ted Cruz that they had no need for him; they had Donald Trump. Trump was not going to ignore them like they perceived the traditional Republican politicians were doing. In the spirit of Elmer Gantry*, Trump mesmerized that part of American society Hilary Clinton, in a moment of insensitivity, referred to as the “deplorables”. By the constant denigration of his opponent by repetitious rants such as “crooked Hilary”, “lock her up”, and “drain the swamp” (of which she was a part). It is truly amazing that Trump got the Evangelical Christian vote, even though he bragged about his adulterous ways.

Today the New York Times** reported that Trump’s Twitter posts were being investigated by the Mueller Commission for possible collusive activity. CNN** reported that Michael Cohen feels neglected by his “family” in the White House and may “roll over” in order to stay out of prison.

And life goes on.

*A fictional character created by Upton Sinclair.

**Members of the fake news bunch that only print lies, according to Mr. Trump.

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Sen. Marco Rubio on Deep Fake Technology

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