The Bridge to Crimea

The Soviet Union has collapsed, but discord continues in Ukraine. Crimea has been good moorage for the Russian fleet, especially with Russia’s lack of ice-free ports in the winter. Mr. Putin got to be a “truck-drivin’ man” in this link. (Trump tried to drive a truck on the White House grounds,)

My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people. The 1986 meltdown of Chernobyl has quarantined the land around it for at least 100 years. The sovereignty of Crimea could end up like Kashmir, with both Russia and Ukraine fighting over this prime piece of real estate. Membership in the European Union and NATO may be in Ukraine’s future. But it is no secret that Mother Russia wants her “children” back.

The Bridge, according to Mr. Putin, has been attempted even before the Russian Revolution. Both Norway and Alaska’s borders have been contiguous with Russia since the 19th Centuary. The Cold War could be over, for good, through honest diplomacy on all sides.

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