Russian versus Ukrainian

The caregivers in the house where I live in Oregon, USA, are from Ukraine. When I went to the kitchen to get some water, I noticed instructions above the stove that I assume were in Ukrainian. The Cyrillic alphabet seems to be common between both languages, but not completely. Scandinavians (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians) are supposed to be able to figure out what one another are saying. Is this similar to Ukrainians and Russians?

One of the caregivers brings her kitten when she works here. She named it “Ma-ya (Моя in Russian). The cat’s name, in Russian, means either “My” or “mine” in English. What is the cat’s name in Ukrainian? Кошка “Кoosh-ka” is a generic term for “cat” in Russian. Is this word pronounced the same in Ukrainian?

Talk about opening a can of worms. After I finish reading the Bible in Swedish, I will start to read it in Russian. In true monastic style I will live forever, but be ready to die on a moment’s notice. Maybe Lara will bring Моя tomorrow.

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