Russia maps | Eurasian Geopolitics

The Russian Federation stretches from the tip of Norway to the Bering Sea (Alaska). In the early 1960s when the Cold War with the Soviet Union (USSR) was heating up, I served my country (US) at the Army Attaché Office in Paris. The Soviet Union, Russia and its socialist republics, were a real threat to Western Europe, back then. The USSR then and the Russian Federation now are still a nuclear threat to the US and the rest of humanity.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s, its socialist republics became independent nations. Germany was no longer partitioned by the Iron Curtain and became one country. Poland, a “Warsaw Pact” signatory, along with a unified Germany joined NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Many of the former Soviet states also joined the European Union.

There are still boundary and other disputes going on between Russia and its former “allies”. Crimea and Ukraine are “hot spots” in this regard. And changing from a Communist economy to a Capitalistic one has been and still is, a struggle for all concerned.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is promoting palliative care on a world-wide basis. People get sick, can’t be cured of what they have, and eventually die. Human beings, like our pets, have the right to a peaceful death. Pain management with opioids is an important part of medical palliative care. The former nations of the Soviet Union are especially in need of quality hospice and palliative care. The maps in the link present Europe, Eastern Europe and Eurasia from the context of their current geopolitical situations.

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