Trans Candidate Wins Democratic Primary for Vermont Governor | Time

Republican Gov. Phil Scott will face the first transgender candidate to win a major political party’s nomination for governor

There is a four-year old boy whose mother got after him because he wore her worn out clothes from the rag bag. Joanne, the neighbor girl he played with, could wear HER mother’s old clothes and didn’t get yelled at. His mother also told him that if he didn’t play with the boys in the neighborhood, he would be put in the booby hatch and they would throw away the key. Bobby didn’t like to play with the boys. They would beat him up if he cried about any thing.

I “graduated” from hospice in April of this year. You graduate when your Medicare hospice benefits run out and you are still breathing. I cursed God that He didn’t let the cancer kill me. Still stuck in the vineyard, so to speak. Perhaps God wanted me to stick around to hear about a transgender female running for governor. Bobby is the “inner child” of Bobbie, me, who is now a 75-year-old transgender female.

My life is short, but there are innumerable transgender male and female persons out there whose lives are just beginning. My generation was and is heavily closeted. But you young people, whatever the media calls you, have the opportunity to live your lives as WHO YOU ARE, and to help others do the same.

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