Laying on my bed watching TV and posting with my IPad. The song “Doctor My Eye’s” was played on a CRIMINAL MINDS episode. I liked the song, but never really listened to the lyrics. Living between two worlds has made this song take on a new importance in my life.

We all have memories, good or bad, that can pop up in our minds when least expected. Recently, memories of things I have never recalled before have made their debut. Is it true that everything experienced in life is recorded in the brain? When I recall things they are out of context, and I find things done during my early years bringing on shame when remembered at this time in my life. I understand this and forgive myself. There is no desire on my part now, to waste time now, to go any further in my recollections.

As I have shared before, I look forward to death without fear. And there are things I intuit in my being (feel in my bones) that will start to happen with my rebirth. Dying and ending up on a cloud with a harp isn’t “heaven” for me.  Helping to bring about world peace, doing my part to clean up the oceans and air, enabling people with terminal illnesses to die as peacefully as possible…THIS will be my heaven on earth.

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