Cancer is a dirty disease. When tumors are removed, clear margins of non-cancerous tissue are also taken to make sure (as much as possible) that none of the tumor’s cancer cells are left to metastasize to the rest of the body. In the “perfect” world, cancer tumors are dealt with before they can metastasize. In the world we live in, many cancers are only discovered when we seek treatment for something else. Removal of a large cancerous tumor that has already compromised the blood or lymph system, can mean that your cancer is too advanced for curative treatment. You will eventually die from the disease, but there are palliative measures that will manage the pain and other stressors in your life before you die.

John McCain had surgery for brain cancer in 2017. Now, the aggressive cancer that be fought with medical protocols has worn him out. His time to die is near. May he continue to be an American hero, and may other persons in public service see him as a model to emulate in their political lives.

John McCain/ABC News

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