THE JOURNEY BETWEEN TWO WORLDS CONTINUES: The Light at the end of the Tunnel

Senator John McCain died the day after he stopped his cancer medications. I lived in a hospice for over a year, but my cancer took a break (?). Friday I will see my general practitioner for a cancer checkup. The last time I saw him, he talked me into changing my (POLST) Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment from DO NOT RESUSCITATE: Provide Treatment for Comfort through Symptom Management i.e. Palliative Care Only, to LIMITED TREATMENT: Provide Basic Medical Treatment.

The fact that my Medicare Hospice Benefits (for now) have run out and I am now living in an adult foster home doesn’t mean anything to the cancer or to my deeply-felt feelings about refusing further medical treatment, except for palliative care. When I went to live in the hospice home in 2017, my housing situation was unsafe for my continued residence. My residence now in an adult foster home where meals are prepared by staff and I can get assistance taking showers, is a good place for me to live and die in.

(While I was writing this post, Victoria gave me a letter from PR Oregon POLST Registry. It said that the last change in my POLST wasn’t completed properly 🙂 and they gave me a phone number to correct this.)

Living in a room with few visitors can be a dreary situation for some. My Swedish family is just a few keystrokes away, and I have friends to give me rides to church and for shopping. Using time in THIS LIFE to prepare for the NEXT LIFE takes away the fear of death, BIG TIME. This blog as well as reading the Bible in Swedish, (Russian and German if I have the time), and studying about Palliative Care as a worldwide medical specialty fills up my days. (When I was in the military, I got to choose where I would be deployed. In my present situation, God will do the same, I know it.)

Kram från Bobbie i Salem, Oregon, USA.

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