Palliative and hospice care aim to improve a patient’s quality of life by managing pain and other symptoms of a serious illness.


Reading up on Cancer Pain Management and watching medical videos have led me to assume that the overwhelming pain that took me to the ER Friday (see prior post) was breakthrough pain related to my stomach cancer metastases. So far I have had only one of those episodes. Back in 2016 if I had agreed to exploratory surgery on my stomach before the biopsy was sent to the local tumor board, I might have ended up on a feeding tube without a stomach. The 5cm tumor that had compromised my blood system had been around for a long time before discovery. And it probably had already metastasized to far and near parts of my body.

Sunday evening I got up from the chair I was sleeping on and fell. Fortunately I didn’t break any bones, but I am still in pain. Was this a separate incident unrelated to what sent me to the ER Friday? Nausea and dizziness from the cancer metastases may have set me up for the fall.

My life from now on will have to be lived with cancer. Tomorrow I will see about adding non-opioid pain killers to my medications. This is just a start. The time will come when I will need opioids to lessen the pain. For now my quality of life demands that I stay active in this life while preparing for the next.

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