DOCTOR VISIT. 7/9/2018

My GP’s new office on my side of town is nice. He moved in last Saturday. There is lots of room for waiting and modern art hanging in on the walls. I was a little late for the appointment due to traffic, but he was running a little late. The thing they put on your finger to read your temperature and pulse had a digital display built into it. Mucho dolores were probably spent furnishing the place, but “doc” is young and has the promise of a full and exciting life before him.

The paperwork from the ER visit last Friday was before him for his interpretation. He saw the stomach pain episode as possibly related to the cancer. Did I want to see a specialist and have an endoscopy? No. I did want some non-opioid pain meds to take PRN. The prescriptions I was taking at the hospice were still on my meds list as PRN. My EKGs looked good, but they could be deceiving. Did I want to see a cardiologist? No.

Palliative care is what I want to continue. So I will be getting a high-powered laxative to go along with my stool softener. The benzodiazepine I was taking PRN at hospice I will now take daily. The doctor respects my wishes for palliative care only. This is NOT a suicide trip. I am an ADVANCED cancer patient (advanced sounds better than “terminal”) and this is how I want to live my life as long as I can.

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