In Gut We Trust When It Comes to Choices – Neuroscience News

Researchers say decisions which recruit intuition, or gut feelings, are seen as a reflection of the true self.

I am still amazed about the things in my life I remember triggered by situations, thoughts, and perceptions that seem to be totally unrelated to what is going on in my present life.  And the experienced emotions behind these remembrances are still there.

In this Neuroscience News article, decisions based on reflections of the true self may or may not be defendable logically, rationally, or in any other way when communicated to others. And trying to defend your true self on the level of human comprehension is demeaning and mostly a waste of time.

Yesterday I was talking to someone about my expectations of being rebirthed. Intuitive feelings operate at a much deeper level in our beings than anything else. And when and where I will rebirthed is an expectation that has remained constant for several months. Should none of this happen it will be because God has better things in store for me when I die.

Bobbie’s 21st Century Wager

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