The Scent of a Woman – Neuroscience News

University of Bern researchers report that reproductive hormones don’t only regulate fertility, they also are related to how attractive a woman smells to the opposite sex.

+In my male past I can remember a painter and classic guitarist who had many lady friends. Over coffee he shared with his male friends that he could smell when a woman was “ripe” for sex. Men, on the other hand, probably emitted scents that make them attractive to women for reproduction.

After I went through gender reassignment, I stopped using deodorant, since I no longer had my reproductive organs to exude my male scent. I use Estradiol orally to maintain my bone density. (The use of Progesterone by transgender women has its critics. Currently, there are no published medical studies about the use of female hormones by transgender women. And the prescription directions do not address use by transgender females. Medically, we do not exist.)

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