REINCARNATION: From a scientific perspective — Part 1 of 4

Belief in reincarnation , or rebirth after death, is something I find myself being drawn to at this time in my life. The aches and pains I experience on a daily basis may or may not be related to that white elephant in my living room: terminal cancer. In a recent visit to the ER for intense pain, the white elephant must have been doing its thing because the source of the pain could not be found.

Pain management is all there is for us dying people. Two years ago, because of the size and location of the tumor, and the anemia caused by the tumor, I became medically informed and refused further medical treatment. Whether or not I made a good decision at the time, I am still alive. It is my life that I am responsible for and I don’t think life ever ends, let alone at death.

This YouTube presentation on reincarnation attempts to unpack the phenomenology of death and rebirth for persons occupied with scientific pursuits. Reincarnation has historically been the realm of shamans, mystics, and religious practitioners in non-western cultures. With the rise of quantum mechanics, biology, and theory in science, it is no longer “proper” to dismiss the study of death and rebirth as just the superstitious hallucinations of the maladjusted.

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