ARCHES Project: Tiny Homes in Marion/Polk Counties in OREGON


Every day of life is a good day…even if you don’t know what to do with it. THAT will unfold before you as the day continues.

Jimmy Jones, Director of ARCHES for Salem, OR, spoke at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation this morning about Salem’s need for transitional housing. The YouTube video is about transitional housing in areas where rents have skyrocketed to the point that people are pushed into homelessness and living on the streets.

Last year, because of my cancer diagnosis, I thought housing was going to be the least of my concerns. After giving away all my possessions and most of my resources, I got a bed in the local hospice house, expecting to die in a couple months. Death didn’t happen and I lost my Medicare Hospice Benefits. Now what? A friend put me in touch with a senior housing agent and I moved into a room at Beechwood Village, a five-room adult foster home in South Salem.

I was lucky to get housing because I was a senior and I needed assistance with daily living. Cancer hasn’t killed me yet, but it has done a number on my health. The cancer is not curable, so I take medication, when needed, for pain management.

This blog post is my response to what God told me to do today. “I have work for you to do here, then I will call you home.” The ash grove in the cemetery in Southern Sweden will just have to wait for my “cremains” (cremated remains).

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