To Dispel Myths, Redirect the Belief – Neuroscience News

Researchers report listening to a speaker repeating a belief increases the believability of the statement if the person listening somewhat believes the statement already. However, for those unsure of the credibility, hearing the correct information can override the myths.

Is it true?

Is it helpful?

Is it kind?

— Activist button promoting ethical journalism

We live lives with TVs and other electronic devices mindlessly broadcasting background noise. Now and then something is seen or heard that hooks our attention. The ad or news item may or may not be true. Taking the time away from what you are primarily doing to focus on this intrusion depends on your prior beliefs/believability of the intrusion.

Being a captive audience to a speaker who has a limited vocabulary and who “gaslights” with no regard for the truth is a “brain-washing” tool popularized by Fascist, Nazi, Communist, and now an Authoritative elements in US Government.

This Neuroscience News report deals with personal responses to the flooding of information by mass-media outlets of varying credibility. +

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