Autonomous Weapon Systems: An Ethical Basis for Human Control? | Disarmament | UUA International |

The risks of functionally delegating complex tasks – and associated decisions – to sensors and data-driven algorithms is one of the central issues of our time, with serious implications across sectors and societies. Nowhere are these more acute than in relation to decisions to kill, injure and destroy.
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+There are many links in this post to help “flesh-out” the issues around using Autonomous Weapon Systems in combat. The link to a previous UUA International Post reports on an Army officer, now UU minister, sharing with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now his reasons for resigning his commission.

Using drones for surveillance is one thing. Adding lethal weapons on them, controlled by someone half a world away, can’t help but start an arms race in this area. Gone are the days of knightly chivalry and marching off to war to the music of a marching band. War now is a computer game with real people as pawns. +

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