Why Do Only Some People Get ‘Skin Orgasms’ From Listening to Music? – Neuroscience News

Researchers investigate why some people experience frisson, or aesthetic chills, when listening to certain pieces of music. They report those who experience frisson score high for the openness to experience personality trait.
ā€” Read on neurosciencenews.com/frisson-chills-music-9933/


Music can make me cry. I have reported this as “tingling in the brain” to my endocrinologist (after sexual reassignment surgery) and apologized for the tears to a spiritual director. The doctor said these feelings were not hot flashes. The Catholic sister said I was getting more spiritual.

Sometimes, if I think about the lyrics to certain church hymns while singing them, I have to stop singing to stop the tears. There is a message for many in the Jackson Browne song below:


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