Senate Clears Final Opioid Package for Trump’s Signature

The bill would expand prescribing authority for certain drugs used in fighting addiction. It also mandates a study on effects of attempts to curb opioid use on patients in serious need of pain relief.

+This bill is an attempt to curb the use of opioid-based medications for pain management by persons who have become addicted to using them. There is a waiver in the legislation for patients suffering from chronic disease, like cancer, where cure is no longer possible and opioids are necessary as comfort measures prior to death.

Is it a good bill or a bad bill? It is NOT a panacea that will clean the streets of illegal drug activity. It MAY decrease the prescribing of opioids for pain management, affecting both patients who abuse them and patients who really need them as part of their curative or palliative care. I may or may not vote for it.+

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