+Back in 1968 when “Time is” was popular, I was living in my car and giving guitar lessons for a living. I stayed with a friend in Humboldt County, CA for awhile. His neighbors were going to be gone for a few days, and I could “crash” at their place if I wanted.

I could hear rats running and doing their drama in the walls and ceilings. The chick was a vegan and she didn’t believe in killing things. In the kitchen I could see where rats had helped themselves to the dog food. The bedroom had a rat-resistant door, so I kept that shut.

One night I could smell smoke and the rats were freaked. It seems one of then had chewed on a wire and started a fire. The cabin burned down completely, so I stayed with my friend for the rest of the night and headed back to Sacramento. My “new life” wasn’t my friend’s new life. THAT fork in my road was still 10 years away.+

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