Bomb scares going on in New York/ Washington as I try to write something without my Word Press app.  It will take a few days before my current email address will be integrated into the App Store system.  Expecting death and walking away from life can be a problem when you don’t die.

Shouting “Fire!” In a crowded theatre is a crime.  Letting POTUS run his mouth, saying things to get expected responses out of a picked crowd, that is broadcast nationally/worldwide, that excites certain persons to make and mail bombs to “bad people/hombres” is something, of course, that must stop.  The First Amendment does not give license for this “expression of free speech.”

Thankfully, no bombs have exploded, yet.  But there could be more bombs to be delivered to their targets.  There could be anthrax letters out there, since letters with white powder have been intercepted.  All this takes me back to 9-11.

Jimi can take us back to the 1960s, with its basket of drugs/discontent.


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