When can I go home?

I wake up in tears, but a benzodiazepine kicks in and I can be “presentable” at the breakfast table. Another day: not to make life miserable for those around me; but to continue my earthly existence in preparation for my deployment in a future life.

My Daily Grind (Not necessarily in order)

1. Read two chapters of the Old Testament in Swedish

2. Read one chapter of the New Testament in German

3. Study Russian (Ipad apps, YouTube videos/movies)

4. Meditation: 15 minutes morning/evening (time to be gradually extended)

5. Emails/news feeds (looking for blog post material)

6. Post to social media

7. Watch Swedish TV/Read ebooks

Besides this regimen I do have a social life with people who love and care about me. They will miss me after I depart from this world. With the constant pull of a new life contingent on leaving this present life, I can truly say I am living:

Between Two Worlds

Eva Cassidy: Autumn Leaves


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