SUICIDAL? Never think you are not loved by someone.

When I publicly changed my gender in 2003, some of the people I knew mentioned that there were family members, close and remote, who had done the same. Young people changing gender are at risk of death more from suicide than from homicide. Society through legislation is making life better for transgender persons, but when family members reject someone in their midst for coming out as transgender, even seeing this rejection as some kind of christian or “tough love” move on their part, that can generate self-hate and suicidal ideation.

Similarity with NDEs

Having a near-death experience, and sharing it with the “right” persons may result in the sharing of another’s NDE. Shared with the “wrong” persons may lead to heckling, mockery, and a questioning of sanity. In a prior post a retired military nurse knew that combat veterans she encountered had NDEs, but they didn’t want to talk about them. THE DAY WILL COME when scientists will expand the scope of their investigations to include the phenomenon of consciousness, NOT as a creation of the brain, but something that continues between the material states of life and death.

Eva Cassidy sings Imagine:

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