On the “fake” news here in the states I learn that the Trump Administration is “a shitdance in a dumpster fire.” The midterm elections are almost over and Mr. Trump now has to face accountability for his actions before and during his presidency. Thanksgiving will soon be celebrated here and I really pray that all the people in our already great country can come together in love and compassion, despite our differences.

The Finlandia Hymn by Sibelius has been sung all over the earth, with different lyrics, as a song of hope. Love and compassion must start with me, even if no one else wants to join in. Surviving cancer has been, in many ways, a gift to me. It has given me purpose in life, no matter how many days I have left. And when I die it will be on God’s terms. (My family tells me a lot of champagne will be flowing after I am laid to rest. Ja!)


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