Feeling ‘at home’ for the last time | EAPC Blog

Continuing our series about palliative care in the context of being ‘homeless’ which may include sleeping on the streets, living in a hostel or ‘sofa surfing’. We look at the implications of providing palliative care and bereavement care for people who are homeless and how the hospice and palliative care community can offer appropriate support. Today,…

+VINZIDORF Hospice opened in Graz, Austria in April 2017. It is the first hospice for the homeless in Central Europe. The Sisters of St. Elizabeth of Graz run the facility. Hospice patients are referred by emergency rooms and other hospital departments. Besides inpatient hospice care, VINZIDORF also provides outpatient palliative care. Links are embedded in the EAPC blog post for further information.

VINZIDORF, at present, is unable to accept patients from the streets (sleeping rough). And sometimes hospice inpatients don’t die during the time allotted for them to die. To discharge these persons back to the streets is unconscionable. Hopefully there is a “safety net” so these “graduates” from the hospice have a safe place to live.

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