Today in a small group after church, I met a lady whose cancer has also metastasized. Both of us are free of pain, for now. Such a strange reality…to be incurable and dying without any adverse physical sensations.

In our group I also shared about this Swedish lady who found me on Facebook, and said we had the same grandfather. After several months of emails, I ended up flying to Europe and being a guest in her home. I may have outlived my family in the states, but not in Sweden.

Back in Oregon, I became suicidal. It was like having a near-death experience and not wanting to return to life. This led me to a psychotherapist at the VA Clinic, where I softened my heart so I could meld into this family as a 71-year-old transgender female. After I die the family cemetery will be my new home. AND I have the intuitive expectation to be reborn as a family member.

The link is to a song that celebrates world unity in peace and love.

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