How Parents of School Shooting Victims Lean On Each Other | Time

Parents who have lost children in school shootings across America have formed a network to heal, and grapple with the issue of gun violence

+Parents are NOT the only persons who have the “right” to grieve and grapple with the “new normal” of mass shootings in the U.S. Siblings and friends of those murdered, parents, siblings, and friends of wounded students, and anyone who happened to be at the shooting, whether or not they were shot at. And all these survivors need to be screened for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since the survivors have experienced mental trauma akin to being in a war zone.

There have been intended school shootings that never happened, because someone at the school was able to talk the shooter/shooters out of committing the act. All teachers and staff must know how to do this in a kind, non- threatening way. This may buy some time before the police arrive.

Survivors of all mass shootings need to lean on each other. We all bleed and hurt the same, whether or not we own firearms.

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