NEXT YEAR IN TRELLEBORG • Nästa år i Trelleborg (Sverige)

I remember reading, in a book about the migration to Palestine of Holocaust survivors, the phrase “Next year in Jerusalem”. (One of the migrants even walked from Russia to what would become the nation of Israel in 1948.). With 2019 breathing down our necks, I can now expect to die from cancer or some other medical condition during 2019. The untreated (after biopsy) cancer has had 27 months to ravage my body; but nothing can touch my eternal soul.

After my death I will be processed into ashes and shipped to Sweden by air freight. A funeral home in Trelleborg will place my cremains in a ash grove there at Norra Kapellet Cemetary. My Swedish family can then visit me when they visit other family members there. But that will not be the end of my story.

Some time after my death I expect to be reborn into my Swedish family. My eternal soul will need a new place to live. Reincarnation has scientific validity, if scientists want to “risk” their fragile reputations by looking at the facts.

Zu den Sachen selbst! German for “To the things themselves”

The link is “A Whiter Shade of Pale” (Procol Harum). Comments by other viewers who lived the Vietnam War in one way or another inspired me to choose this song as a suitable companion for my post.

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