There are people in our midst who may be L, G, or B in sexual orientation or T in gender identity. But things don’t end there when it comes to boxes to put those we encounter into so we can “know” about them. Maybe you fear that others will hurt or reject you if you just “let go” and be yourself in public.

Ecuador, Brazil, and Malta are the only countries to totally ban conversion therapy (CT). This practice, that supporters claim will change your sexual orientation and/or gender identity, has been debunked by psychological societies, psychiatric societies, and counseling organizations worldwide. What you are is what you are.

The film is about the conflict between religious belief and sexual orientation. She loves him and wants to help him get over his homosexuality. He loves the Church and also his boyfriend. Young people discovering who they are as they prepare to take over the reins of society.

“Is It a Sin?” Short Film in German with English Subtitles

Read BBC News report

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