+Note: This post is not medical or other professional advice. I am a cancer survivor going into her third year since diagnosis, who has chosen Palliative Care Only as her way of dealing with her cancer. Consult a medical professional if you have questions about your own medical situation.

In this unique way of observing cancer on the cellular level, we can see why time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with this “dirty” disease. The size of the cancer sample observed is about the size of a pinhead. One of the photos shows a group of cells taking off on their own, possibly to infect another part of the host’s body.

My stomach cancer infection in the fundus and esophageal area may have started with an H pylori infection, that was treated properly. The final biopsy for tumor board analysis did not have clean margins all around. Oncology doctors wanted to do exploratory surgery on my stomach to check for metastases, but I refused. Considering the size of the tumor (5cm/2inches across) and the presence of anemia (the situation that brought me to the ER in the first place), I had reason to believe that metastases had already taken place. “Naked eye” searches for metastases, instead of cellular-level analyses, may result in false negative findings.+


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