Six project-management tips for your PhD | Naturebriefing

Use strategies from the private sector to better manage your graduate project.

+These PHD study habits may help with any project of indeterminate length. In my case, as a cancer survivor whose cancer seems to have gone on vacation, I have 3000+ pages to read about the need of psychology to better ground itself in the expansive phenomenology of the eternal nature of the human mind. Positivistic psychological researchers have traditionally ignored or dismissed those aspects of the human mind that can’t be measured or explained using the tools of natural science. My interest in this, as someone expected to die in the near future, is the intuitive expectation of rebirth in a new life, after this life is over with. Reincarnation is just one of those things the human mind deals with that psychological researchers turn a blind eye to.

Six PHD Study Habits

1. Define your timeline (Possibly end in December 2019).

2. Prepare to be ‘punched in the mouth’. (This is already going on).

3. Define your project scope (Published scholarly sources available on Internet).

4. Add value, not experiments (Project is retrospective in nature).

5. Define metrics of success (Psychology students/readers becoming better grounded in the phenomenology of the human condition).

6. Make progress by failing early (This project will probably be my final purpose in life).

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