Cancer Diagnosis Tied to Rise in Suicide Risk | Medpage Today

Adding to other research, population-based study finds risk highest in those with pancreatic, lung, and colorectal cancers…

+This cold, hard statistical analysis of cancer diagnoses tied to suicide risk doesn’t surprise me. As a stomach cancer survivor who refused medical intervention from the start (due to size of tumor/anemia), it could be argued that I was suicidal even before the diagnosis.

When I spent a year living in a hospice facility I expected to die “naturally” from my cancer. Twice I tried to kill myself by fasting. The second time I was doing a fast from food and liquids and management got wind of it. Serendipitiously, visiting friends talked me out of dying and helped get me into where I am living now. Now I feel miserable at times from depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, but I am still breathing. (I have yet to experience that stereotypical pain requiring opioids. Benzodiazepines am/pm take the “edge” off my anxiety, for now.)

My family history includes four suicides, two of which were caused by the fear of having cancer. I am now 27 months into my cancer diagnosis. Will I make it to 60 months? All I plan to do is wait and see.

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