Patients’ Hopes for Advanced Cancer Treatment

Patients’ Hopes for Advanced Cancer Treatment…


+As a person with advanced cancer I sometimes wonder how my existential condition, where I am expecting death in the near future, differs from someone on Death Row who is expecting loss of life as punishment for a heinous crime against another human being. Human society (for the most part) no longer sees a medical condition like cancer as the punishment by a wrathful god for one’s sins or the sins of a member of one’s family. Both the Death Row inmate and the advanced cancer patient are living abbreviated lives. So how does the death penalty in our enlightened age really “punish” a person through denial of life? Perhaps the guarantee of a protracted life, behind bars, would be a more ethical choice of punishment. END OF POLITICAL RANT.

+The study still begs an appropriate answer from me: WHAT IS MY HOPE FOR ADVANCED CANCER TREATMENT?

I have no hope with regards to advanced cancer treatment prolonging my life. At age 75 and having outlived my immediate family, I have the luxury of being able to decide for myself what to do, if anything, about my stomach cancer. So far I have lived 27 months since diagnosis with no medical treatment whatsoever. And I am not a fan of health foods or marijuana.

The linked study presents an interaction with medical staff I did not experience during my hospital stay. As a transgender person I was insulted by floor visitors and medical staff who couldn’t believe I was female. The medical literature I have read says there is no hope of cure after metastasis. So palliative care (meds. PRN) where I live is sufficient for my needs.

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