END OF LIFE CARE: How to talk about dying to someone who is dying| BBC News

+Unlike many people I encounter, I don’t have problems talking about dying. Joking about it, at times, is relieving to me. Getting kicked out of Hospice because I didn’t die before my Medicare benefits ran out is the story of my life — square peg in a round hole — that sort of thing. Born a boy, later becoming a girl, and ending up with a “lazy-ass” cancer that still lets me breathe going on 28 months since diagnosis…HAVING REFUSED MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR THE CANCER FROM THE START!

Among my reading material is a psychological study about the human consciousness surviving bodily death (Esalen.org, cf. Resources). My present existence between two worlds has prompted me to consider the possibility of rebirth after this life has ended. If this is to be, there will be NO ESCAPE from eternal life, even through suicide. Deep within my being I intuitively KNOW I will return to earth as a newborn child. And to prepare for this new life I am now exploring possible career choices (Palliative Care Doctor, Psychologist, etc.). But I will have to go to Kindergarten, First.

There are several BBC News reports on death and dying that can be accessed from the link below. Palliative care in the UK is supposed to be the best in the world.


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