Since 2006 I have been practicing CENTERING PRAYER, a Christian variant of Buddhist meditation. In 2019, after having sexual reassignment surgery, my life has been blessed with tears. I say BLESSED because after these incidents I feel very calm, relaxed, and ready to confront the world anew.

Being an advanced cancer survivor as well as having stage 3 kidney disease, my earthly existence will be changing soon. I may be gone for awhile or for a short time. I have no fear of death; in fact I look forward to it. The real ME, my consciousness, is eternal.

Medical professionals have no answer for what is going on with me. If anything I should be having HOT FLASHES after what my body has been through. My former spiritual director told me I was becoming more spiritual. Family and friends want me to stop talking about death and rebirth: they want me to stay here with them. But I see a larger picture in the thing called HUMAN EXISTENCE. My present body is shutting down and a new one awaits.

The link is to a musical form called Baltic Jazz. In the states jazz has faded out of the popular music scene.

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