For $1.99 this is a steal. My big problem is to live long enough to read it. I remember (if my memory serves me right) Viktor Frankl saying in one of his books on Logotherapy that while Goethe was writing Faust he knew he was dying. Finishing Faust was so important to him that he put death “on hold” so that the world could be blessed with this poetic creation.

At the start of March I will have 29 months since my stomach cancer diagnosis. Reading Goethe, Kant, Hegel, Heidegger, as well as finishing Frederick Meyer’s Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death weigh heavy on me. It isn’t the cost of this literature that weighs heavy…it’s the time left to me to read it!

In Being and Time Martin Heidegger wrote that from birth we are all “beings unto death.” Since contemplation of death increases for those of us who are old and/or chronically ill, we confront the illusion of endless physical life in innumerable ways. It is reported that when the French philosopher Charles Peguey fell dying in battle, he was asked how he felt about his impending death. “Curious”, was his reply.


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