CONFESSION 27 February 2019

After my daily ritual of reading, writing, and posting, I decided to watch a couple films on YouTube. AUTUMN LEAVES with Joan Crawford and Cliff Robertson speaks about living a life of isolation versus sharing your life with someone else, warts and all. PEYTON PLACE dealt with life in a small town of isolates physically living close to one another, draining the blood of self-fulfillment from their children, and using lies to protect themselves from the hidden shame that lives within. PP (the book) was a shocker to late 1950s America.

Reflecting on what’s left of this life and preparing for what I want to make of my next life, I have started reading a book on the philosophy of medicine. This is a relatively new area of study that is becoming important as more and more people chase after fewer and fewer medical resources. I see a future world where health care will be coordinated on a worldwide basis and it will include palliative care for both the living and dying.

I am into my fifth year of learning Swedish by now reading the KJV Bible in Swedish and English. I hope to be reborn in Sweden so getting started on the Swedish language is a good plan. Thanks to the Internet I can learn multiple languages (and anything else) wherever I live in the world.

The link is Gabriellas Sång with both Swedish and English lyrics.

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