Man Told He Is Going to Die by Doctor on Video-Link Robot| BBC NEWS

This happened in California, no less. The dying man was not a job applicant–he was a patient! I have encountered doctors and nurses that fear death, and perhaps feel a death on their watch is a sign of failure. But to use technology as a substitute for human-to-human compassion really takes the cake. This is what we are getting more and more of with AI taking over for human responsibility.

Familiarity can breed contempt. That is why I stay away from doctors as much as I can. And I educate myself as much as I can before dealing with them. This Friday I will be dealing with a doctor about getting a current copy of my P.O.L.S.T. (Physician’s Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment and Do Not Resuscitate order. Palliative Care Only. Every state has a POLST registry. You don’t have to submit to oncological procedures, if you don’t want to.

Death is just part of my eternal life.

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