Rationality is where, as in a courtroom or a lecture hall, one argues the validity/reliability of a certain point of view. Realization, that intuitive certainty that something is or is not true, has served humankind for most (or almost all) of its evolutionary life.

There are videos on You Tube about Carl Jung’s journey from believing in God to his intuitive awareness of knowing about God. Intuition, as a side point, research scientists use to design scientific studies to “prove” something to their skeptical peers. Things like the survival of consciousness after bodily death and reincarnation have yet to be scientifically proven. So people who report having near-death and out-of-body experiences are consigned to the rubbish heap of religious fanaticism, gullibility, and other “unprovable” hallucinations.

I have been living with stomach cancer for over two and one-half years now. Laxitives allow be to function somewhat normally IF I am careful about how much I eat. A few days ago I ate too much for breakfast and ended up crapping my pants. (The last time I did that was in junior-high school.). Facing death seems to be a never-ending reality for me. ( I was discharged from hospice for not dying last year.)

Reincarnation as a Swedish national sounds like a better use of my soul than ending up roasting in Hell. There is a lot of antidotal support for reincarnation in popular literature and the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies has been/is striving to break through the wall of positivism in scientific research–so that the rubbish heap of non-materiality can at least be picked through.

When I am reborn, the pollution of the oceans with plastic, nuclear fission, human migration, and other ills of the planet will still need our attention. To just live one life and not give a shit about what our descendants will inherit from us is NOT right.

The day will come soon when I will die. How much of a say will I have choosing my next personality? This is something I will just have to wait and see.

Plastic in the Ocean-documentary video


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